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Formalize Your Parental Relationship Through Stepparent Adoption 

One of the most rewarding aspects a family law practice can have is helping a stepparent adopt a child from a previous relationship. So many areas of family law and divorce involve loss.

Adoption is the exact opposite. It is a new beginning and a true joy for us at The Law Office of Theresa Ann Hartzell, P.C. Contact us today.

Uniting Families Through Adoption

At The Law Office of Theresa Ann Hartzell, P.C., we bring families together through the legal process of adopting a child or children from a previous relationship. Formalizing your parental relationship is a complex process legally, but we will help you make it happen.

One of the largest obstacles is the consent of the biological parents. Termination of their parental rights involves taking steps to find them, notifying them of the termination of their rights, and requesting consent.

You must publish a notification in the newspaper located in the last known city where they lived as well as the Legal Journal.

If a parent cannot be located to obtain consent, we are still able to move forward with the termination.

If you need assistance with a stepparent adoption case, call us at 484-452-6619. Assisting clients with adoption is very rewarding to us, and situations where people leave the courthouse happy are always a great experience.
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