Visit The Law Office of Theresa Ann Hartzell, P.C. for the guidance you need during your divorce. With 20 years of family law experience, we are fully equipped to help you through this emotionally charged process with honest, candid assistance.

Theresa Ann Hartzell of The Law Office of Theresa Ann Hartzell, P.C. is dedicated to providing you with open and honest help concerning all aspects of your case, even when difficult issues or consequences may be involved. Contact us today.

Focused on Family Issues

Theresa Ann Hartzell has always been family oriented and was naturally drawn to focusing on family law. She has been dedicated to solving family problems for years and is completely committed to achieving her clients' ideal resolutions.

At The Law Office of Theresa Ann Hartzell, P.C., we focus on divorce, custody, alimony, child support, and spousal support cases. Practicing family law provides us with the unique opportunity to help resolve emotional turbulence and work to better our clients' future.

Committed to Your Best Interests

When people come to us, they are often not at their emotional best. Many clients feel vulnerable, angry, hurt, misunderstood, worried, or sad. Disputes over money, children, and assets can become personally taxing and extremely overwhelming.

This type of stress can have an effect on decision making that impacts your entire family.

We understand your desire to fight for what you believe is right in court. However, we aim to explain any potential alternative paths to secure your desired resolution for your divorce or related matters.

Nevertheless, we recognize that there are times when a compromise is impossible. In these cases, we will be the strong advocate you need by your side in court.

Member of the PA Bar Association, Delaware County Bar Association, and Delaware County Family Law

5 stars

"All Divorce cases are not the same. Through the years of using Teresa as my lawyer, a lot of stress has been taken out of my everyday life.  I would not take advice from anyone except Teresa. She give you her undivided attention and produces results. Overall she is a very good person and I'm glad to be introduced to her to help me and my troubled times.
- Martin O. 1/19/17

5 stars

"I already recommended Theresa to a friend of mine. Theresa is professional, trusting, and is an expert in her field. She knows the rules and will work hard for you. She will represent you like family and stay calm when you get emotional. She is honest and tells it the way it is and that is what you need to keep the emotions in check. When you call her she picks up the phone and is very easy to talk with. 
You would not be disappointed if you hired Theresa--her cost is very reasonable and she is worth every penny.- Kevin O. 1/20/17

5 stars

"I would and have recommended Theresa to help others throughout their divorce. She treated me like her only customer and I received a very quick and fair divorce settlement at a fair cost.

-Jay McC. 1/19/17

5 stars

"I brought a difficult divorce dilemma to Theresa. My ex-husband & his attorney were bullying me into changing the terms of our property settlement agreement regarding alimony, child support & possession of the family home. Theresa confidently countered their claims. We went to court multiple times & prevailed on every count. Theresa has a clarity of the law & guides with a realistic, confident hand. She was very diligent to ensure the best outcome for my children and me."
-Mimi McC. 1/19/2017

5 stars

"I retained Theresa Ann Hartzel to represent me in the matter of my divorce in March 2016. To date I have been very satisfied with Theresa's handling of my case. She has proven to be responsive, professional, and compassionate in her representation. I would recommend her to anyone requiring family law services."
 -Bruce T.