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Knowledge and Insight Regarding Child Support

With 20 years of experience helping parents through all areas of divorce, The Law Office of Theresa Ann Hartzell, P.C. is able to provide you with honest, professional assistance for your child support issues.

As a mother herself, Theresa Ann Hartzell is able to offer you a unique perspective as a parent and empathy for your struggles in raising children during your family law disputes. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your needs, contact us today.

Understand Child Support and Your Rights

In Pennsylvania, child support is paid until the minor child or children reach "emancipation," 18 years of age, or graduate from high school, whichever event occurs last.

Children with disabilities or special needs may have lifetime support. Support is determined using an "income shares" model that factors in the earning capacities of both parties.

A wide variety of financial factors influence child support, including:
  • Custodial status
  • Income differences
  • Earning capacity
  • Payment calculations
  • Negotiation vs. litigation
  • State guidelines
  • Expenses and spending
  • Extracurricular activities
"I made a very good decision selecting Theresa to represent me in my divorce. She's handled a very complicated case both from the support aspect, custody as well as the property settlement agreement.
She displays a very thorough knowledge of family caselaw and dealing with DRO and knows how to apply it to best serve her client.
Many times in my case there were additional steps needed because the other parties involved would renegotiate numbers or agreements already made. Theresa patiently explained all the different steps to me and continue to represent me so that I got exactly what I needed to take care of myself and my two sons. 
- Jenn S. 1/20/17
"Ms. Hartzell has always done a great job of educating me on all of my options and guiding me towards the best one. I would strongly encourage anyone to consult with Theresa for any of their legal needs."
-Michael G.
Member of the PA Bar Association, Delaware County Bar Association, and Delaware County Family Law

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